Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of growth factors in living cells and organs.
Adamed is established by
Marian Adamkiewicz M.D., Ph.D.
Polands first mobile phone network starts its operations.
The first urinary tract infection medication becomes available. A method of producing very pure furaginum is devised which makes treatment of urologic diseases available to millions of patients.
Two new chemical elements are discovered: darmstadtium and roentgenium.
The companys first manufacturing plant becomes operational.
Human stem cells are obtained.
The first Polish-made amlodipine is registered. The method of synthesizing amlodipine is improved: thanks to this new method of production the number of patients who receive treatment increases from 75 thousand to over 1.5 million annually.
1999 2000
The human population on earth
exceeds 6 billion.
The Research and Development Department is established. Adamed is awarded the GMP certificate for conforming to EU's standards of manufacturing.
Wikipedia is founded.
Research on innovative drugs is initiated. Adamed Group conducts research on innovative molecules
in the areas of oncology and central nervous system diseases.
The Mars Odyssey probe discovers ice deposits on Mars.
Adameds second manufacturing plant becomes operational.
The first case of SARS is diagnosed.
Adamed starts exporting its products to Europe. The companys drug, Amlozek, is registered in the EU before Polands accession.
2005 2009
2005 - The first human face transplant is successfully completed.
2006 - The human genome is completely sequenced.
2009 - The A/H1N1 pandemic breaks out.
The first industry-academia partnership is formed; Adamed establishes its branch in Ukraine; Adamed Laboratorios begins operations in Spain.
The first hydrogen-powered car enters mass production.
Adamed acquires Polfa Pabianice
(129 years of tradition) and Agropharm (currently operating under the Adamed Consumer Healthcare name). Adamed Group is founded.
2010 2012
2010 - British scientists design arteries made with artificial fibres.
2012 - CERN scientists discover Higgs boson.
Consolidation of Adamed Group; the company establishes its branch in Russia.
Rapid development of 3D printing which also finds use in medicine.
Adamed establishes its branch in Kazakhstan.
2013 2014
An alternative method of cell sorting is devised without the use of antibodies.
Construction of Adamed Groups cutting-edge research and development centre begins. The new facility will make it possible to develop even better products and continue research on innovative drugs.
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura for their discoveries concerning novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites, and to Tu Youyou for her discoveries concerning novel therapy against malaria.
The ONCOTRAIL project was started with the aim of performing the first phase of clinical trials for an innovative anti-cancer molecule developed as part of the ONCO-3CLA project.
Gravitational waves have been observed, thus confirming an important assumption of Albert Einstein’s hundred-year-old theory.
Opening of the advanced Adamed Group Research & Development Centre
NASA announced the discovery of TRAPPIST-1, a system comprising a total of seven planets similar in size to Earth and Venus, that may have Earth-like temperatures and water in liquid form.
Adamed has acquired a controlling interest in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company Davi Pharm.It is the largest Polish investment made directly in Vietnam to date.
Swiss scientists discovered the new LHPP anti-cancer protein.
Adamed launched the Pilot R&D Production Area (Pilot Plant) which enables effective research and development of Adamed’s medicinal products.