Daily-use intimate wet wipes


Three levels of protection and care:

The product contains chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent, as well as a unique prebiotic ingredient complex and lactic acid which facilitate the physiologic regeneration of bacterial microflora that protect the intimate areas and urinary tract against infections and inflammations.

Optimally moisturises intimate areas, prevents dryness and blisters while the sodium lactate contained in the wipes, a natural moisturising factor, will bring comfort to your intimate areas.

Alleviates skin irritation, soothes burning and regenerates outer skin layers and mucous membranes of intimate areas thanks to the wipes' allantoin content among others.


20 wipes.


Naturaginum BIOintima wet wipes are recommended for everyday intimate hygiene and protection of intimate areas from urinary tract infections. The carefully selected ingredients of Naturaginum BIOintima have a positive impact on the comfort and health of intimate areas and the functioning of the lower urinary tract. Gentle, non-irritant cleansing ingredients delicately clean and refresh intimate areas.