Linoeparol Intensive semi-reach cream 10% evening primrose seed oil.


Contains 10% of cold-pressed evening primrose seed oil rich in Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids which are crucial for maintaining the skin in good condition.

Linoeparol Intensive improves the condition of dry and irritation-prone skin:

eliminates excessive peeling and roughness of the outer skin layer, mitigates irritation, regenerates the skin's natural hydrolipid film which allows it to be properly moisturised and nourished, soothes skin which is prone to allergies. The cream contains allantoin, which regenerates and soothes the skin, and vitamin E, an antioxidant which makes the skin softer and more flexible.

Natural product – does not contain artificial aromas.


Contains 30 ml of the product.


Meant for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.