Atoperal shower gel washes.


Nourishes and provides care to delicate atopic skin which is dry, scaling and prone to irritations, with low tolerance for standard body wash and shower gels. Delicately cleanses the skin without causing dryness or excessive scaling.  Maintains natural lipid barrier, reduces coarseness and smoothens the skin.


200/400 ml


For care and protection of sensitive atopic, dry or irritation prone skin that shows low tolerance for standard cosmetics.

Line characteristic

Atoperal® is a professional line of cosmetics for atopic, dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to a unique Sepicalm formula, Atoperal® products strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin, moisturize, soothe and have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

Atoperal® ingredients limit tranepidermal water loss and ensure comfort and excellent effects in everyday care of dry skin.  Atoperal product line includes body wash as well as after shower skin care products. Atoperal products have been dermatologically tested. Do not contain artificial dyes or fragrances.