Anesteloc® Zgagin diet supplement is a source magnesium and calcium in the daily diet, ensuring proper functioning of digestive enzymes, which in turn has a positive effect on the digestive tract and allows avoiding the feeling of discomfort in the digestive system. Product also contains inulin.


1 tablet contains 750 mg calcium carbonate, 200 mg magnesium carbonate and 100 mg inulin.


Package contains 6 tablets.


This product is especially recommended for individuals whose:

- Daily diet is rich in foods that stimulate the stomach to secrete excessive levels of hydrochloric acid (i.e. animal fats, complete proteins, chocolate, spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, nicotine).

Recommended dosage

Adults and teenagers: chew or suck 1-2 tablets between meals (recommended portion during the day). Maintain a 1-2 hour gap between taking this product and your medication.

Additional information

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