CSR Report of the Adamed Group


Adamed Group has been developing in a sustainable way for over 30 years, responding to the challenges in modern medicine through the development of science and innovation. It introduces new solutions, responding to patients' needs, e.g. in the face of lifestyle diseases. It has a significant impact on the development of the Polish economy and innovation.

 Adamed Group prepares corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, presenting the key activities focused on such areas as patients and colleagues, the market, the environment, and science support.


The Adamed Group Foundation was created to support research and development, scientific and educational activities in the field of exact sciences and natural sciences. The Foundation promotes the idea of cooperation and integrates the scientific community, the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors, as well as strengthens cooperation with operators with similar tasks and goals, operating in the country and abroad.



Scientific and educational program addressed to high school students, implemented by the Adamed Group Foundation. Its aim is to identify talented youths aged 15-19 and support them in their scientific development, as well as to promote science among the whole society.

Nearly 25 thousand young people had signed up for the previous four editions.



We are a socially responsible business. That is why we initiate a series of campaigns addressing important issues in the field of disease prevention, health care and the functioning of people with various diseases and their families in society. We educate, inform, change attitudes and help every day. Such commitment always pays off - Adamed Group not only enjoys great social trust; we have also been given a number of awards from the scientific community and institutions monitoring pro-social activity.


Employee volunteering, providing assistance to local communities, support for orphanages, hospices and the Children's Memorial Health Institute. Hundreds of Adamed Group contributors devote their time and energy to the benefit of others.





The Week of Values is an initiative that uniquely illustrates our approach to relationships with co-workers and the most important values in our work.

The clear rules followed by our entire team have a positive impact on involvement, atmosphere at work, but also on the organization’s business results.



They are implemented on many levels - from caring for one’s immediate surroundings, to projects of nationwide coverage. Corporate social responsibility should not be based only on one-off activities, but should be part of the company's long-term strategy.





We have an environmental management system in place, which is in line with environmental decisions issued by competent authorities in conformity with environment protection regulations. 

We run a programme for continuous power usage monitoring in order to reduce negative emissions.




We ensure proactive ethics management, securing complex and constant upholding of all our key values in our organisation.




Martyna Strupczewska

Head of CSR


tel.: (+48) 22 486 42 26



The standards relate to ethics and counteracting corruption, safety standards and the quality of products and services.

We undertake a number of actions to promote the idea of well-balanced and informed consumption and use of services.


We have implemented standards for sales and after-sales services, as well as policies for data protection and safety.


We take actions ensuring equal access to our products and services.


Cooperation with business partners is based on compliance with non-financial standards covering, e.g., social, ethical and environmental issues.


Environmental protection is part and parcel of Adamed Group’s strategy. We constantly monitor our environmental impact and analyze the areas in which we can reduce energy consumption. We follow trends and look for modern solutions.

We think about ecology holistically, analyzing the full life cycle of the products we make - from manufacture to responsible recycling of packaging.

We run a waste segregation program, and also monitor energy consumption constantly.

Adamed Group supports the implementation of Sustainable Goals for Development (SGDs) through its strategy and activities.